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About The Show


The goal is to educate (or "edu-tain" as we like to say).

We interview successful entrepreneurs  and millionaires who have achieved their lifestyle design goals through entrepreneurship and investing. Our guests provide uncommon insight while sparking creative thinking and shifting mental, emotional, and financial energy.

We cover a wide range of topics from the economy, mindset, financial literacy, real estate and online business to travel, investing and entrepreneurship. The idea is to debunk common societal misconceptions and uncover alternative methods and expectations for achieving success and happiness.

The purpose of the Before the Millions podcast is to encourage further understanding of ourselves and our business/lifestyle design goals in efforts to achieve them far Before the Millions.

To achieve these goals, we get up close and personal with guest, following them on their path far before the millions while identifying the tools and lessons they have picked up along the way. We want to create a culture, a movement that can be gifted from one to another. Our primary focus is to help others and this is how we facilitate the learning.


About The Host

I am a 27 year old entrepreneur, investor, podcaster and coach.

Before going full-time Entrepreneur, I was an auditor at a Big 4 Accounting Firm and audited the financial statements of some of the biggest names in Real Estate. I followed up as a consultant for a 26 Billion Dollar Fund Manager where I analyzed complex investments for the benefit of investors.

These days, some may know me as a Landlord as I currently own and manage a small portfolio of single family and multifamily residents. I own and operate 3 successful online businesses as well and all from a cell phone.

When I'm not raising money from investors for my syndication business (Urbane Wealth) or interviewing guests (Before the Millions), I'm coaching students from all walks of life in the art of lifestyle design around their business and investing criteria.

Since starting the Urbane Wealth Group in 2016 we've specialize in providing turnkey solutions for our investors through alternative investment vehicles. In other words, my partners and I invest money to purchase large commercial real estate with expected returns and then share in the profits.

I am also an Author, the owner of a high end online retail store, and a coach for first time Real Estate Investors.

I dedicate most of my free time to teaching, volunteering and giving back. My mission is to help entrepreneurs and investors alike achieve their lifestyle goals.