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BTM 31: 6 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Your 1st Investment Property in 2018

6 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Your 1st Investment Property in 2018

For those of you who feel unfulfilled by your job, wish you had more time to pursue your interests, and had more financial freedom, investing in real estate can be your ticket to that lifestyle…

On this episode of Before the Millions Podcast, I’ve elaborated on the Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Your First Property in 2018. I know that a lot of you have questions and concerns about your investment strategy and if Real Estate is as good as we claim – In this episode I will cover it all in detail!


Top 6 Reasons:

  • Power of Leverage
  • Tenants are Footing the Bill
  • Monthly Excessive Cashflow
  • Appreciation and Forced Appreciation
  • The Business of Investment Property
  • Everyone Will Always Need Somewhere to Live


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BTM 30: Unlocking Success through Financial Freedom with Tyler Sheff

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Today we welcome Tyler Sheff to the show. Tyler is the CEO of, a company which aims to educate their clientele in investing in real estate and building long-term wealth. Tyler is a licensed real estate problem solver, educator, investor and syndicator. His professional career has included time as a soldier in the US Army Military Police, a Florida Certified Police Officer and Firefighter, a Contractor, a Repair Technician, and a Boat Captain. Truly a varied career that has helped pave the way for his success today. In today’s episode, Tyler shares his journey into real estate, why and how he transitioned out of fixing and flipping into investing, and why it was so important for him to make the shift.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Tyler came upon his path and made the shift towards his career today.
  • The importance of having a good work ethic on your journey towards building wealth.
  • Why there is no good result that comes from accumulating piles of cash.
  • Learning about the advantage of building various streams of income.
  • Understanding why Tyler shifted out of fixing and flipping and into real estate investing.
  • How a crazy tax bill forced Tyler to get a regular 9 to 5 job.
  • Figuring out how to reprogram your mind to create cashflow.
  • The mindset barrier that holds most people back from getting started in real estate.
  • Understanding that money is mindset; leveraging other people’s money.
  • How Cash Flow Guys got started and their purpose.
  • The way Tyler used his first four-plex property to escape the rat-race.
  • Influence and success stories that came out of Tyler’s Podcast since it launched.
  • Tyler’s advice and tips to maximize profitability as a landlord.
  • Understanding why you should always hire-out property management.
  • Why you should always surround yourself with experts, and not go it alone.




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BTM 22: Overcoming The Fear Of Success with Whitney Nicely

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Today’s guest, Whitney is an entrepreneur, broker and real estate investor in east Tennessee. She is the Principal Broker for Whitney Buys Houses and the Principal Auctioneer for Nicely Done Auctions. She started out flipping furniture, then dump trucks, then progressed onto flipping houses. Whitney has been buying houses for over four years and to-date has 19 houses, 19 apartments and seven plots of land that she rents out. Whitney is particularly fired up about teaching women the fast, fun and profitable way to be successful in real estate. She traveled the long slow road of getting tons of certifications and found out she could make more money faster as an investor. Now her students are following her system to build their own cash flowing real estate portfolio. In this episode, we hear Whitney’s journey and how she has been able to create a lifestyle that so many dream of.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Whitney got into flipping houses after college.
  • How Whitney started out working four jobs.
  • Do you really need money to get started?
  • Creative financing options that Whitney suggests.
  • The art of negotiation: Whitney’s personal tips.
  • Whitney’s experience flipping dump trucks.
  • Why time freedom is worth the initial hard work.
  • The sacrifices Whitney made to get to where she is today.
  • Why cash flow and passive income are seriously king!




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BTM 21: Why Cashflow Will Always Be King with Lane Kawaoka

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On today’s episode, we have the pleasure of speaking to Lane Kawaoka. Lane is an engineer, an investor in 626 single family and multi-family units and a radio show host at Lane was born and is currently based out of Hawaii. He is what we could call, an “accidental landlord.” After buying his first single-family home he realized that it was a cash sucking machine and he wanted to do something about it. Lane shares this story and how it propelled his interest and career in real estate. He also shares his insights on the market in Hawaii and why he decided to move back to his homeland from Seattle. We also delve into the 1031 exchange, who should get into a 1031 exchange and some of the pitfalls that some of us might not realize about a 1031 exchange. But the true emphasis for today’s episode is cashflow. Cash flow is king, and according to Lane, when you’re starting out your number one goal should be cashflow. Lane motivates us to get started creating cash flow for ourselves to design the lifestyle and business we want to lead.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • What encouraged Lane to start investing in real estate.
  • The lesson Lane learnt from buying his first property.
  • How Lane helps clients get into their first investment.
  • Where to go if you want to invest but have no money.
  • The importance of cashflow and what it allows.
  • Why Lane shifted from single-family homes.
  • Why Lane decided to move back to Hawaii from Seattle.
  • Some of the pitfalls of a 1031 exchange.
  • Success habits Lane incorporates into his every day.
  • Balancing business with lifestyle. 





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BTM 12: Reclaiming the Banking Function in your Financial Life with M.C Laubscher


On today’s show we welcome M.C. Laubscher. M.C. is a wealth strategist, educator, and financial freedom fighter all the way from South Africa. He is the President and CEO of Valhalla Wealth Financial and the creator and host of the popular business and investing podcast, Cashflow Ninja. His mission is to help as many people as possible eliminate the that control banks and financial institutions have over their lives by building their wealth in a variety of ways, outside of Wall Street. He does this by reclaiming the banking function in your own financial life through structuring an efficient cash flow management systems and creating and building assets that provide multiple streams of income.


Valhalla Wealth Financial was built on the principles and values of self-ownership, self-reliance, independence, personal and financial freedom, and lifelong learning and financial education. In this episode we speak to M.C. about busting those financial myths and how to reclaim and reuse your money over and over again.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • M.C. tells us about his background growing up in South Africa and how he started working in real estate before he went into wealth and finance.
  • The books M.C. read that helped him make that paradigm shift.
  • How M.C. started looking at what money really is, and made the mindset shift.
  • The strategies M.C used and how he implemented them to get started.
  • Listen as M.C. explains the infinite banking concept and how you can incorporate it.
  • Understand why M.C. started researching the way wealthy people handled their money.
  • Discover more about the cashflow versus accumulation model.
  • Why M.C believes that the 401(k) is an unproven system.
  • How real estate income acts as a hedge against inflation.
  • Learn how the accumulation model is going to fail people in the future.
  • Find out how markets only do three things: go up, go down, or go sideways.
  • Listen as M.C. explains why people following the cashflow model will be living golden days.
  • Understand what real estate M.C. invested into.
  • Discover how M.C wants to build a business that is location independent to help people from all over the world.
  • Why M.C decided to get into the financial services industry.
  • The biggest challenge M.C faced in starting and owning his own business.
  • The reason why the most important real estate in the world is that piece of real estate in between your ears.
  • Find out why M.C. started podcasting and how it helps him cater to his specific audience.
  • How leadership platforms have contributed to M.C’s main business.
  • The time in which M.C. had to overcome failures in his business, and how it played out.
  • Discover how once you start putting out good solid content that provides value, you start to see growth and change in your business.
  • Hear why you have to try to find a way to purchase things more effectively.
  • C.’s favorite before the millions books to read.
  • Listen as M.C. explains some sacrifices he had to make to get where he is today.
  • Hear how M.C.’s family has been very supportive and a key to his success.
  • How M.C. identifies the analysis paralysis that hold people back from being successful.








Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:



Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad —

Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature from Jekyll Island

Nelson Nash’s book, Becoming Your Own Banker

Be The Bank Webinar—

Blair Singer —

John Lee Dumas —

Robert Kiyosaki —

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Grant Cardone’s book, The 10X Rule

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