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BTM 53: Building a Rental Property Empire with Mark Ferguson

Mark Ferguson has  been flipping houses since 2001, he started buying rentals in 2010, and has been a real estate agent the entire time. Mark loves flipping houses for the income they produce, and rentals for the long-term cash flow they provide. Over the years Mark has flipped over 130 houses, bought 18 rentals, and sold thousands of houses as an agent.


On today’s episode, we learn how Mark had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age to be his own boss. You’ll also learn about his observations of his friends and family feeling stuck in the corporate trap. He talks about how he initially didn’t want to get involved in real estate, but saw how it could provide him the freedom he was ultimately looking for. Mark shares why he made the transition from flipping homes into buying rental properties. He also talks about the #1 reason why most real estate agent never become investors.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The story of Mark’s childhood watching his father’s fanstinating real estate career
  • How Mark brought a house at age 22 and found his niche in the real estate industry
  • The difference between being an real estate agent,  wholesaler and investor
  • Breakdown of what might be the best path for a new investor to start their real estate journey
  • What inspired Mark to start investing in rental properties
  • The numerous ways to make a living in real estate (agent, wholesale, flipping, rentals, etc.)
  • The #1 reason why most real estate agent never become investors


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode

Mark’s Website: InvestFourMore

Favorite Book: Third Circle Theory by Pejman Ghadimi 

Favorite Lifestyle Design App: DocuSign 


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BTM 43: Grocery Bagger Turned Real Estate Millionaire After Divine Intervention with Matt Theriualt

From a 7-Figure Record Label to $7 an hour as a grocery bagger. Matt Theriualt, today’s guest, encountered a pivotal moment in has life as he was in the middle of bagging groceries for a young lady and his life was never the same. It is during our darkest times that our true destiny is formed. In the 9th inning when your back is against the way and you completely focus on success because you have no choice, that’s when I’ve found divine intervention to occur.

Matt am a fifth-generation California native and Desert Storm Veteran (USMC) and has worked as a full-time real estate professional since 2003. After building a small real estate empire with hardly using one dime of his own money or one point of his own credit (mostly because he was lacking in both), he discovered that he had a knack for simplifying the complicated, implementing systems and producing passive cash flow.

Matt is an ordinary guy who once had a goal to be successful in real estate investing and become a master of the “multiple streams of passive income” concept. He is an inspiration to many of us when believe that we do not possess what it takes become a successful investor. Tune in as Matt share a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding and interacting with motivate sellers. I guarantee that you will learn more than a trick or 2 when it comes to working with a real estate owner looking to sell their property.

Links mentioned in the show:

Epic Real Estate Investing

The Slight Edge

2 Free Books Today on Audible


BTM 19: Creating Business and Adapting to Market Conditions with Logan Waller

On today’s show we are joined with Logan Waller. Logan is a broker out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, founder and president of the Waller Group. The Waller Group is a real estate brokerage group and was consistently ranked within the top 20 teams in the nation by Wall Street Journal, under RE/MAX. In 2011, the Waller Group became an independent brokerage and has been providing full service brokerage throughout the metroplex since 2012.


Last episode we looked at the real estate market from the perspective of an agent, and this episode we will be diving into the perspective of a broker. Logan obtained his real estate license in 1997 with a goal to invest in real estate and follow in his family’s footsteps. With that goal in mind, Logan bought his first house at the age of 18 and never looked back. Today, Logan shares more about getting started in the real estate market, how to develop a sales velocity, and the challenges of starting your own business, and pursuing your dreams.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Getting a first exposure to entrepreneurship through a vending machine business.
  • How Logan got hooked onto real estate, buying his first house for only $6,000.
  • Logan’s method and strategy for scouting and purchasing his first house.
  • Developing a sales velocity to identify the best real estate deals.
  • The benefits of being a broker within the real estate market.
  • Top real estate training for the fundamental real estate basics.
  • Accelerating your career by surrounding yourself with people you can learn from.
  • The inception of the Waller Group and the challenges of starting a company.
  • Understanding distressed real estate markets to find the best investment opportunities.
  • Why most agents are not cut out to be investors.
  • Daily habits that contributed to Logan’s success.
  • The importance of focusing on identifying sellers and getting them listed.
  • How your goals and milestones should evolve with different stages of your life.
  • Standing out above the crowd, and getting sellers to choose your brokerage.
  • Deciding which real estate deals to invest in and which to take to your buyers.
  • The importance of creating value within your business, above all.
  • And much more!



“If you can’t sell, then you can’t make any money.” — Logan Waller @Waller_Group


“I was a typical realtor; I made $200,000 a year and spent $210,00 a year.” — Logan Waller @Waller_Group


“80% of your resources, time, and money should be spent finding sellers.” — Logan Waller @Waller_Group


“Focus on creating value and the profit will follow.” — Logan Waller @Waller_Group


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Mike Ferry Real Estate Training 

CCIM Courses 

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

Good to Great by Jim Collins

BTM 18: The Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent with Karen Briscoe

On Today’s show we welcome the billion dollar real estate agent, Karen Briscoe. Karen is Principal of the Huckaby Briscoe Conroy Group (HBC) and author of “Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day”. The HBC Group has been named to the Wall Street Journal Top Realtor® Team List. Over the years, the group has sold over 1,500 homes valued at over $1.5 billion.

In this episode Karen walks us through her path and how she’s sold over a billion dollars of real estate and  how she came from an entrepreneurial family and is a very driven person. She also shares with us on her book, that happens to be one of the top selling real estate books on Amazon and we talk about the real truths of being an agent in the real estate industry.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Karen shares with us her journey to getting into real estate.
  • How your internal drive leads to success.
  • Positioning yourself as a lead generator and the benefits thereof.
  • Lead tactics and how to make them work for you.
  • Staying relevant in your industry.
  • The importance of constantly reinventing yourself.
  • Knowing the inventory to truly understand where the trends are going in the market.
  • Karen’s advice to entering the real estate business.
  • Why the market crash in September of 08 was Karen’s worst entrepreneurial moment.
  • Karen’s reasons for writing her book, Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day.
  • How Karen combined inspiration and information to create her book.
  • Hear why Karen’s book is not only for real estate agents but for people in any business.
  • Key fundamentals mentioned in Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day.
  • Karen shares on some success stories.
  • Discover the benefits of reading Karen’s book.
  • Why The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is Karen’s favorite book.
  • Find out what Karen’s miracle morning consists of.
  • Limiting beliefs and why they have been Karen’s biggest sacrifice.
  • Karen’s husband has her biggest support system
  • And much more!







Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Karen Briscoe

—  HBC

 Karen’s book, Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day

Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning 

Elizabeth Gilbert’s books 

Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth Revisited 

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