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BTM 94: Real Estate? This Is The Relationship Business with Josh Culler

By Daray Olaleye | Feb 12, 2019

Today we have on the show a millenial by the name of Josh Culler. Josh is a multifaceted entrepreneur with his hands in a few projects such as a media company and the owner of a non-profit charity called Hope & Strength Project. We brought Josh on the show for his expertise with well run…

BTM 93: Bank On Yourself Not Your 401K with Mark Willis

By Daray Olaleye | Feb 5, 2019

Have you created income for retirement that you can’t outlive? Today’s guest, Mark Willis, helps people who want to grow their wealth in ways that are safe and predictable, become their own source of financing, and create tax-free income in retirement. As a certified financial planner and best selling author, his mission is to help individuals…

BTM 84: The Investors Guide to Video Marketing with Kala Philo

By Daray Olaleye | Dec 4, 2018

On today’s show, we’ve brought on Kala Philo, a location independent entrepreneur that specializes in empowering female entrepreneurs implement a video marketing strategy… and get this… with a simple cell phone. Kala and I discuss a myriad of topics surrounding the landscape of location independent entrepreneurs, geo-arbitrage and some of the best nomadic cities in…

BTM 82: When Manifesting and Taxes Collide with Shanyn Stewart

By Daray Olaleye | Nov 20, 2018

Shanyn Stewart began her career with General Electric as one of two accountant/advisors that worked directly with GE employees and executives to mitigate taxation throughout the county. In 1996, she started Advanced Accounting to assist clients apply those principles she learned at GE to assist in reducing their tax liability. In addition to her Life,…

BTM 81: Protect Your Assets: Mindset, Legal & Tax Advice with Scott Smith

By Daray Olaleye | Nov 13, 2018

Scott Royal Smith founded Royal Legal Solutions to offer tax, business, and legal strategies to real estate investors. He has spent the past 8 years of his career diving through case law, reading the ever-changing tax code, and analyzing real estate investment so that you don’t have to. Scott works with clients all over the…

BTM 68: The Art Of Deal Making With Ex-FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss

By Daray Olaleye | Aug 13, 2018

Chris Voss is the CEO & Founder of the Black Swan Group Ltd and author of Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It. He has used his many years of experience in international crisis and high-stakes negotiations to develop a unique program and team that applies these globally proven techniques…

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