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BTM107: Creative Strategies for Buying Back The Block with Kyara Gray


As she takes on multimillion dollar projects, Kyara Gray has a special focus on “buying back the block” and investing in forgotten neighborhoods but in a unique way. Kyara has a strong focus on creative financing and using other peoples money when getting deals done. On today’s show we discuss how Kyara found her first…

BTM105: A Turnkey Investors Path To 100 Flips with Antoine Martel


Antoine, for the past four years, has been investing in residential real estate in key markets around the country. He has built a rental property portfolio with over $1M in assets. On today’s show we discuss the inter-workings of an up and coming turnkey real estate business run by a up and coming entrepreneur who…

BTM104: My Unhealthy Relationship With Money with Chris Bruce


Chris Bruce, todays guest, has been actively investing in real estate for the past 9 years and 8 of which, has been full time. To date, he’s flipped over 200 real estate deals in 5 different markets. With a digital marketing company set to hit 7 figures this year, we take a look at both…

BTM 101: My Spouse & I Want To Be Landlords with Pongee Barnes


Born and raised on the south-side of Chicago, today’s guest, Pongee Barnes embarked on her real estate career as a college student in 2005 at the age of 20, buying her first condo. From 2008-2011, Pongee owned a furniture rental staging business which birthed from her passion of staging and flipping homes. Today, as a seasoned investor, more…

BTM 98: Flipping Houses From Your Mobile Device with Justin Wilmot


Justin Wilmot, today’s guest, loves to surf so he created a business that allows him to surf all day every day. The vehicle he uses is real estate but it’s much more than that. Justin has been able to build an ideal lifestyle around the things that make him happy. On today’s episode, we walk…

BTM 96: Lifestyle Notary Masterclass – Another Path To Real Estate Wealth with Andre Hatchett


Andre is a nationally acclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist. Judy Lichtenberger quit her full time job in record timing.   They both control their time, schedule and paycheck..   What else do both of today’s guest have in common?   For one, they can get paid $75-$200 per appointment (sometimes more) They can take a whole…

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