BTM161: Are You a Cooler, Closer, or Cleaner? (Becoming Relentless) with Logan Freeman

He completing over 120 transactions in less than a year. Logan Freeman, today’s guest, found a process and relies on his most valuable priorities to guide his profit-producing activities. As quoted by Logan himself, “Knowledge alone is not power, it is potential power. Knowledge + massive strategic action = power”. 

On today’s episode we discuss the difference between those who have the knowledge but take no action and those who have the knowledge and take massive action and those who have the knowledge, are relentless and are absolute in victory. Tim Grover, Michael Jordan’s trainer, call these people “cleaners”. Logan and Daray will show you exactly how to foster the cleaner mentality within you.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Logan completed over 120 transactions in one year
  • Life after the NFL player with the Oakland Raiders
  • Distinguishing between Coolers, Closers and Cleaners
  • The benefits of extreme ownership
  • How strengthsfinder can help you discover your top 5 talents
  • How Logan completed 9 syndications raising over $15 Million dollars
  • How to take rejection from a cold lead
  • If Logan had to start over with no money or connections, what he would do to get back to a certain level of success

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Awaken the Giant With by Tony Robbins

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