BTM 85: Invest with the 1% & 10X Your Wealth with Craig Cecilio

Craig Cecilio is the CEO and founder of a crowdfunding real estate platform that gives average investors access to institutional-quality investments through the power of crowdfunding. By focusing his passions for real estate and technology, Craig has developed an online alternative asset investment platform known as DiversyFund.

On today’s episode we cover a myriad of topics that the rich would never want exposed on air. We uncover what really goes on behind the scenes at the “good ole boys” club and how the ultra wealth invest. You’ll be shocked to discover the type of opportunities they get as opposed to the rest of us. But not to fear, we all go in detail on how to invest alongside the 1 %.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to 10X your wealth in 5 years
  • The secret world of real estate syndication
  • Where the 15% returns are and how you can access them
  • What crowdfunding is and why its becoming so popular
  • How Kobe Bryant turned a 6 million dollar investment into 200 million dollars


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Craigs Website

Before the Millions Book: The Science Of Getting Rich

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