BTM165: Simple Yet Effective Virtual Wholesaling Tips For Busy Moms with Lauren Hardy

If you’re too busy to get started in Real Estate, we have a plan for you.

Lauren Hardy, today’s guest and mother of 2, does 50+ deals a year… and virtually. On today’s show, we discuss the inner workings of her business and how she was able to get started in real estate with a 1 year old and another on the way. Having done hundreds of deals, Lauren shares her knack for choosing a market and hiring boots on the ground to do the hard work for her.

So if you’re a busy professional, mom or dad and you struggle to find the time or the right guidance getting started wholesaling, then you’re in for an amazing episode.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Lauren Manages to do 50+ deals a year
  • Lauren’s big why and the divorce that changed everything
  • How to assess your risk tolerance and your investor type
  • Finding and vetting boots on the ground for virtual deals
  • The only 4 metrics that matter when wholesaling homes

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Lauren’s Website

Recommended Book:

Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

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BTM158: A House Hacking Guide To Become Debt Free with Shawn Rea

This episode will highlight how today’s guest – real estate investor, Shawn Rea, went from 25K in debt to a 6M portfolio in just a few short years. He did all of this by first using the house hacking investment strategy and the the brrrr strategy (buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat).

If you’ve needed a strategy to extinguish your debt once and for all while getting your feet wet in real estate in one of the most powerful ways possible then this episode is for you.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Shawn’s Website

BTM63: Triple Case Study A to Z

Recommended Book:

The Millionaire Fastlane by Mj DeMarco

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BTM150: Marriage & Real Estate From The Ground Up with Kevan and Ayesha Shelton

Kevan and Ayesha Shelton are real estate investors and educators who focus on ground up development properties.

Their businesses consist of Park Street Development, a residential and commercial construction company, K&A Consulting, an education, and training organization, Icon Short-term rentals and The Marriage and Real Estate Podcast.

On today’s show we discuss the dynamics of the entrepreneurial couple with business and personal life. We also discuss developmental real estate, who it’s for and how a typical transaction looks.

Lastly we take a look at the type of goals that are fueling Kevan and Ayesha and why it’s important to pivot your real estate strategy to match.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why your financial advisor sucks
  • How you should look at your rate of return
  • Why the 401K match is not as impactful as you think
  • How to pay down debt and invest at the same time


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Kevan and Ayesha’s Website

Recommended Book:

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill

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BTM145: My Single Favorite Tool to Find Analyze & Market for Real Estate Deals with Burton Alicando

If you are an investor and are tired of subpar data providers, going to the county courthouse, wrongly estimating repair costs or the lack of access to the MLS, then I have a solution for you.

There’s a software that I’ve been using in my business for quite some time now, I’ve fostered its use so much so that instead of the 10 different apps that I used before, I now only need 1 other software (said other software will be explain in detail in an upcoming episode).

For this amazing episode, I brought on Burton Alicando, the Senior Product Specialist for the software that I use to find, analyze and market my real estate deals.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The biggest mistake newbie investors make when pulling lists or choosing a real estate software for their business
  • A way around the outdated time consuming way of getting the data you need to make offers
  • The misconception that you need a realtor for MLS level data
  • A way around the anonymity of non disclosure states and sold prices of homes
  • How a newbie investor can be spot on with estimating repair costs
  • How you can find, analyze and market to your leads with one tool

This is one of my favorite software tools to date because it does so much in my business. If you are an investor, here are some of the things you can look forward to with this software:

  • Generating Leads Lists (with MLS level data) – Pre-foreclosure, vacant, bankruptcy, utility liens and much more
  • Vetting Properties – Comparables, mortgage balances, tax info, title research and much more
  • Calculating Rehab Costs – Labor/material cost data is sourced at the county-level nationwide so allow the software to guide you through the right renovation budget
  • Marketing Tools – Postcards, email marketing, voicemail drops and much more including your own customizable landing page website.

When you sign up, it will come with a full access 7-Day trial to make sure that you absolutely love the software before you pay anything.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

To learn more visit:

BTM141: The 5am Club

On today’s episode, we discuss a clear vision for the upcoming year and two must have strategies to ensure your success from the moment you get out of bed at 5am tomorrow morning.

Key Quotes From This Episode:

Own your morning, elevate your life.

All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

Small, daily, seemingly insignificant improvements when done consistently over time yield staggering results.

Everything you now find easy, you used to find difficult.

Tiny dail wins.

A year from now you’ll be so happy you began today.

I heard a man say that he needed to lose weight before he could start running. Can you imagine? That’s like a writer who waits for inspiration to begin the book or a manager who waits for a promotion to begin to lead the field or a start-up that waits for full funding before launching a disruptive product.

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