BTM167: The 5 Step Formula for Finding Money Partners in a Virtual World with Dave Dubeau

Today’s guest, Dave Dubeau, like many investors used traditional financing to acquire his first few deals. Like many investors, before he could get the ball rolling, the banks cut him off.

On today’s episode, we discuss Dave’s plunge into finding money for his deals and how he’s been able to create a systematic approach to it over the years. This approach is what he attributes to raising millions of dollars over the years and how he’s been able to scale his portfolio and business to suit he desired lifestyle.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why it’s important to build personal relationships
  • Actual scripts to contact your potential investors
  • How to raise money without being salesy
  • Tips for online meetings and presentations to potential partners
  • How to actually ask for the money
  • Why create an email warm up campaign for prospects
  • The importance of gift giving in business
  • Ideas for becoming an authority online
  • How to grow your business through referrals
  • Why you shouldn’t ‘pay’ for referrals
  • Creating competition around your deals

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Dave’s Website

Recommended Book:

The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

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Lifestyle Design App:

Zoom Online Video

Convertkit: Email Service Provider

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BTM138: Investor Takes on 95 Countries with Full Time Job with Maurice Philogene

Today’s guest, Maurice Philogene is a full-time consultant in corporate america, multifamily investor, restaurant owner, reserve in the US Air Force and police officer.

Maurice is also an avid traveler and has visited over 95 countries to date because of how he’s been able to design a lifestyle without limits through real estate and other business ventures.

How does he do it all? How has he created a lifestyle that best suits his wants, needs and desires? Find out on today’s episode.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The intersection of exposure and discontentment
  • How to understand your life in days instead of years
  • How Maurice acquired 10 rental properties in his 1st year
  • Why owning a restaurant shouldn’t be about the money
  • The power behind social investments
  • Why Maurice transitioned from sfr to apartments
  • How to raise your kids to appreciate lifestyle design
  • Maurice’s unique outlook on marriage


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Maurice’s Instagram

Recommended Book:

Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl

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BTM 29: Rejection, Massive Action and Cultivating a No-Fear Attitude With Vinney Chopra

We welcome Vinney Chopra, aka “Mr. Smiles” to the show today. Vinney came to the US as an immigrant with $7 in this pocket and today, has over two million dollars in assets! Vinney grew up in India, with six siblings in a one-bedroom apartment. His first job in the US was selling Bibles and Encyclopedia’s door-to-door, he slowly worked his way up, started his own business and is an investor and syndicator in the real estate business. Vinney has participated in 26 syndications and spent 37 years as a fundraising consultant and motivational speaker.

Today, Vinney has just retired at the age of 62 and he couldn’t be happier. In this episode, we’re focusing on mindset, what it means to take a leap of faith and molding your lifestyle to how you see fit. We find out how Vinney was able to turn $7 into a multi-million-dollar company, hear his philosophies on business and why we need to understand rejection in order to succeed.

Vinney is someone who was handed a specific set of cards and refused to live a life that society pigeon-holed him into living. He broke the barrier, he broke the chains and now, Mr. Smiles is thriving! A fascinating and inspiring story for anyone who has ever thought about giving up.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Vinney tells the story of his humble beginnings in New Delhi, India.
  • How Vinney won a five-year scholarship to become a chemical engineer.
  • Why Vinney had the urge to come to the USA and make a difference.
  • How Vinney convinced his Grandpa to let him come to the USA.
  • Selling Bibles and Encyclopedia’s door-to-door: Vinney’s first job in the US.
  • Discover how Vinney came to value the importance of understanding rejection.
  • Going back to the basics and learning the fundamental techniques.
  • Find out how Vinney worked his way up in his first door-to-door sales job.
  • How Vinney got into motivational speaking, fundraising and real estate.
  • Why Google, podcasts and books are Vinney’s biggest mentors.
  • Retiring at the age of 62 and what a balanced lifestyle means to Vinney.
  • Discover how Vinney runs his company and manages employees today.
  • Why you should always smile.



[spp-tweet tweet=”“My grandpa paid for my ticket and I brought $7 and myself into the US.” — @vinneychopra “]

“Understanding rejection is the number one thing in life. Many times, people give up [spp-tweet tweet=”too quickly.” — @vinneychopra”]

 [spp-tweet tweet=”“I do not spend a lot of time in front of the TV… Books have made me who I am.” — @vinneychopra”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“You have to show sincerity, have the high moral standards and the integrity. That is where you build it.” — @vinneychopra”]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Vinney Chopra Website –

How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie 

The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Shwartz 

Sign Easy App –

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle


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BTM 27: Bootstrapping Legal Fees and Access to Capital with Amy Wan

On today’s show we welcome Amy Wan, an attorney who specializes in real estate fund syndication for entrepreneurs. Amy is based in Los Angeles, where she runs her company Bootstrap Legal. The underlying goal of the company is to democratize access to legal council by decreasing the amount of billable hours for drafting legal documents.

Amy had not intended on going into law and, in fact, she was studying biology towards being a doctor or pharmacist. After going through the motions of her degree she eventually landed in USC Law School studying human rights law and later international trade law.

Amy then moved to California with her husband and found a job at Patch of Land. It was here that she became interested in the idea of legal access democratization, something she would draw from with her own company.

Amy’s story is both one that can inspire an individual pursuit and is also full of great illuminations on the possibilities for the future of legal work. Tune in to hear all about it!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why trading your time for your money is not for everyone.
  • The legal profession’s opposition to efficiency.
  • Different types of fund syndication.
  • Investment crowdfunding as an online syndication and its returns.
  • What exactly is an accredited investor and their role.
  • Bootstrap legal and the democratization of legal aid.
  • Just how inefficient the standard legal turnaround is on drafted documents.
  • How Amy’s company makes the system work more efficiently.
  • The money and time that this can save a client.
  • Challenges that Amy faced in starting her own business.
  • Amy’s suggested timeline for prospective capital raising.
  • Property value, projected goals and likely capital amounts.
  • And much more!



[spp-tweet tweet=”“What is the one thing that crosses borders, that everyone respects? And that’s money” — @amyywan“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“The legal profession is not incentivized to be more efficient” — @amyywan“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“We don’t want to bill by the hour, we want to do things efficiently using technology” — @amyywan“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“I think people are going to have think a lot more creatively in the future”. — @amyywan“]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Amy Wan —

Patch of Land —

Bootstrap Legal —

Turbo Tax —

LegalZoom —

Kickstarter —

Indiegogo —

GoFundMe —

Fundrise —

Legal Hackers —

Cam Kashani —

Four Hour Work Week —

Calendly —


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