BTM180: The Biggest Problem Deciding Your Real Estate Way To Wealth

Ever thought about using real estate investing as a wealth vehicle but never quite made the jump?

It can be terrifying for many of us but with just a little faith, it tends to pay big dividends – figuratively and literally.

There’s no arguing that there’s a wealth of knowledge out there in terms of different ways to invest in real estate. This podcast on its own has been able to procure guest after guest who’ve made their millions in real estate.

The question is…

How does all of this help you? What should you listen to and what should you filter? How can learning someone else path to real estate wealth help/hurt your own process?

The waters are murky and many find themselves paralyzed for this exact reason. This episode was created to guide you safely and sound (and dry) across the chasm to your ideal lifestyle design.

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BTM147: How To Buy Properties For Cash Flow With No Money Down

If you’ve ever questioned one of those no and low money down real estate strategies… Questions like:

Do they really work?

Are they as complicated as they sound?

Could I possibly do that instead of waiting for my finances to get right?

If you find yourself nodding your head to any of those questions, then this episode may be exactly what the doctor ordered. I’m a big believer that we our mindset dictates everything we do, don’t do and can’t do in life as well as what we choose to learn and accept as truth.

In this episode you’ll take the truth journey with me to discover the real deal behind no money down deals for first time real estate investors.

Lastly, I’m hosting a brand new LIVE masterclass titled 4 Keys To Building A Lifestyle Business Through Real Estate, will you join me?

BTM145: My Single Favorite Tool to Find Analyze & Market for Real Estate Deals with Burton Alicando

If you are an investor and are tired of subpar data providers, going to the county courthouse, wrongly estimating repair costs or the lack of access to the MLS, then I have a solution for you.

There’s a software that I’ve been using in my business for quite some time now, I’ve fostered its use so much so that instead of the 10 different apps that I used before, I now only need 1 other software (said other software will be explain in detail in an upcoming episode).

For this amazing episode, I brought on Burton Alicando, the Senior Product Specialist for the software that I use to find, analyze and market my real estate deals.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The biggest mistake newbie investors make when pulling lists or choosing a real estate software for their business
  • A way around the outdated time consuming way of getting the data you need to make offers
  • The misconception that you need a realtor for MLS level data
  • A way around the anonymity of non disclosure states and sold prices of homes
  • How a newbie investor can be spot on with estimating repair costs
  • How you can find, analyze and market to your leads with one tool

This is one of my favorite software tools to date because it does so much in my business. If you are an investor, here are some of the things you can look forward to with this software:

  • Generating Leads Lists (with MLS level data) – Pre-foreclosure, vacant, bankruptcy, utility liens and much more
  • Vetting Properties – Comparables, mortgage balances, tax info, title research and much more
  • Calculating Rehab Costs – Labor/material cost data is sourced at the county-level nationwide so allow the software to guide you through the right renovation budget
  • Marketing Tools – Postcards, email marketing, voicemail drops and much more including your own customizable landing page website.

When you sign up, it will come with a full access 7-Day trial to make sure that you absolutely love the software before you pay anything.

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BTM111: How to Profitably Overpay for Real Estate with Nick Prefontaine

In 8th grade, Nick Prefontaine, today’s guest was in a major accident that left him in a coma for 3 weeks. The doctors claimed that he would never walk, talk or live a normal life ever again. A few months later, Nick runs out of the hospital and begins to pursue real estate full-time.

Today, Nicke specializes in creative strategies for acquiring real estate. In his family operated business, he specialty is on the buyer’s side. On today’s show, we discuss the benefits of creative financing and how to leverage tenant buyers to have more options and create more deals. Overpay for property and still walk away profitable? If this episode sounds too good to be true, it is.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why Nick decided to do away with his real estate license
  • Why expired listings are a gold mine for investors
  • What a tenant buyer is and why you need to know
  • How investors are profitably able to over pay for properties
  • A script to find great buyers



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Leap of Perception by Penny Pierce

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BTM107: Creative Strategies for Buying Back The Block with Kyara Gray

As she takes on multimillion dollar projects, Kyara Gray has a special focus on “buying back the block” and investing in forgotten neighborhoods but in a unique way. Kyara has a strong focus on creative financing and using other peoples money when getting deals done.

On today’s show we discuss how Kyara found her first non-profit lender. She is a strong advocate for creating relationships through meet-ups and other in person networking events. Her knack for connecting the dots and and building relationships to procure funds for her deals have proven to make a great episode.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to find a non-profit lender
  • Kyara’s creative financing techniques
  • How Kyara and her husband run their 2 person business
  • How gentrification can help underserved communities
  • The plan to rebuild Baltimore
  • Why it’s important to have an abundance mindset


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Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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