BTM178: Become the Bank – Investing in Seller Financed Notes with Eddie Speed

Today’s guest Eddie Speed, has over 40 years experience buying distressed notes. Eddie is known as the person the guru’s, guru’s go to for note investing and passive income. To date, Eddie and his team have bought over 50,000 seller financed notes to the tune of 3.5 billion dollars.

On today’s show we talk about why Eddie decided to specialize in flipping and holding distressed notes. Eddie figured out a long time ago that he needed a transactional side of the business (flipping) as well as a wealth building side (holding) and combined both strategies to become one of the nations most premiere note buyers and educators.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why seller financed notes are the next hot topic
  • How to OWN your own bank
  • How to capitalize in a market of tired landlords
  • Why courthouse records are so important for deals
  • Why wealth is more important than transactional revenue


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Eddie’s Website

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Never Split the Difference Chris Voss

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