BTM114: The Money Operating System with Dr. Amanda Barrientez

Inspired by her own personal and professional growth, relationship, money and development journey, Dr. Barrientez believes that her soul’s purpose to help others thrive and feel fulfilled in their lives.

Since there are no required self-empowerment, relationship, entrepreneurship, leadership, business, or money skills courses offered in the traditional school setting, Amanda’s made it her mission to help others in need of these essential ingredients for a well rounded life.

On today’s show we take a deep dive into the programs downloaded in our subconscious without our consent. Not only are you going to discover the limiting money beliefs that have been preventing you from reaching your optimal potential but we’ll give you some new money programming to train your psyche to adopt.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Money habits that will change your life
  • Amanda’s history of relationship woes
  • The macro system of oppression
  • How to rewrite your money story
  • The difference between women and men and money


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Dr. Barrientez’s Website

Recommended Book:

Think and Grow Rich

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BTM110: Work the Room & Build Financial Relationships with Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson, today’s guest, has been dubbed “Hip Hop’s Financial Advisor” because he is a trusted advisor to professional athletes & entertainers;  Rob believes that we can all learn from their success. If you’re ready to get your financial relationships in order so that you can build real wealth and live the life of your dreams, this episode is for you.

We’ll help you through the process of learning how to make more money, spend more wisely, and build better relationships.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to be intentional with your wealth
  • How Rob has made his connections with celebrities
  • How Rob perfected his relationship building skills
  • The Honesty & Trustworthiness moral code
  • The best way to attend social events by yourself
  • 3 Powerful relationship building books


Relationship Building Books:

-Never Eat Alone

-How to Work a Room

-How to Win Friends and Influence People


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Rob’s Website

Before the Millions Book:

Think & Grow Rich

Listen to this books for free!

Lifestyle Design Apps: