BTM143: Top 2020 Real Estate Investing Strategies (Debunked & Explained)

What are the top strategies that new real estate investors should look into this new decade:


Rental properties?



Or creative strategies like Owner Financing?


or maybe even a tenant buyer strategy or two?

On today’s episode, not only will we take a deep dive into each of these strategies but we’ll discuss what’s working in 2020 and how to select a vehicle based on your goals, experience, resources and timeline.

This is a fun filled jam packed episode that is going to expand your thinking when it comes to risk and no money down strategies in real estate as well as serving sellers and buyers as an investor while still making massive profits.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What the Motivated Seller Method (MSM) is and how to implement it today
  • How to profitably overpay for properties
  • How to get a deal done with any seller in any market
  • Massive profit exit strategies for your investments
  • The idea of serving
  • How Daray navigated through these strategies in the past 4 years
  • Another way to use OPM (Other People’s Money)
  • How to structure 3 large paydays for every deal
  • Cash Flow vs. Lump Sum Cash and how to get both simultaneously

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Motivated Seller Method (MSM)

BTM 101: My Spouse & I Want To Be Landlords with Pongee Barnes

Born and raised on the south-side of Chicago, today’s guest, Pongee Barnes embarked on her real estate career as a college student in 2005 at the age of 20, buying her first condo.

From 2008-2011, Pongee owned a furniture rental staging business which birthed from her passion of staging and flipping homes. Today, as a seasoned investor, more than her passion for real estate she has a central focus on inspiring black millennials to invest.

On today’s episode, we discuss the ups and downs of “hands on” landlording but more specifically, managing your rentals with a partner.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Pongee lost money on her 1st deal
  • Why Pongee started staging property, renting furniture & flipping homes
  • Why Pongee decided to drop out of Law School
  • How to take advantage of “Cash for Keys”
  • If and how you should partner with your spouse
  • How to raise a family around real estate investing


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Pongee’s Instagram

Before the Millions Books:

Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

Listen to this book for free!

Lifestyle Design App:

Free Training: Building A Lifestyle Business Through Real Estate Investing

BTM 79: Passive Landlording and Eviction Horrors with Stephanie Wankel

Stephanie Wankel is a Colorado native, and loves the outdoor lifestyle. Stephanie has been a real estate investor for over a decade, and continues to grow and manage her portfolio of single family home rentals, she’s done it all: property management, 1031 exchanges, evictions, turnkey, Airbnb, etc. Recently, Stephanie has gotten serious about growing faster through multifamily and has created New Heights Investment Group where they connect investors with private opportunities to participate in passive real estate investments with some of the most experienced, strategic partners in the industry. She wants to give encourage to others and believes if she can do this business while working full time and being a busy mom, that anyone can do it.


On today’s episode, we talk to Stephanie about how attitude is everything and action is the key to conquering your fears in business and life. Stephanie shares how to decide when you should start looking for a property manager vs. managing your rental properties yourself. You’ll also learn the differences between of being in a tenant-friendly state vs. landlord-friendly state. Lastly, we wrap up the episode about how you can leverage your experience as a landlord into becoming a full-time investor earning passive income.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to prioritize your 9-5 while becoming being a real estate investor (the #1 thing you must do)
  • Landlord 101: How to handle convictions, tenants, financial, legal matters and more
  • How Stephanie transitioned from being a fatigue landlord to owning multifamily rentals around the country
  • Why finding fatigue landlords can be a great way to get started in real estate


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode

Stephanie’s Website:

Stephanie’s Favorite Book: The Miracle Morning

Stephanie’s Favorite Lifestyle App: Way of Life is your assistant to break a bad habit or build a good ones with spending less than a minute daily.

Freebie: Download any 2 audio books for free when you try audible for 30 days: 



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BTM 30: Unlocking Success through Financial Freedom with Tyler Sheff

Today we welcome Tyler Sheff to the show. Tyler is the CEO of, a company which aims to educate their clientele in investing in real estate and building long-term wealth. Tyler is a licensed real estate problem solver, educator, investor and syndicator.

His professional career has included time as a soldier in the US Army Military Police, a Florida Certified Police Officer and Firefighter, a Contractor, a Repair Technician, and a Boat Captain. Truly a varied career that has helped pave the way for his success today. In today’s episode, Tyler shares his journey into real estate, why and how he transitioned out of fixing and flipping into investing, and why it was so important for him to make the shift.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Tyler came upon his path and made the shift towards his career today.
  • The importance of having a good work ethic on your journey towards building wealth.
  • Why there is no good result that comes from accumulating piles of cash.
  • Learning about the advantage of building various streams of income.
  • Understanding why Tyler shifted out of fixing and flipping and into real estate investing.
  • How a crazy tax bill forced Tyler to get a regular 9 to 5 job.
  • Figuring out how to reprogram your mind to create cashflow.
  • The mindset barrier that holds most people back from getting started in real estate.
  • Understanding that money is mindset; leveraging other people’s money.
  • How Cash Flow Guys got started and their purpose.
  • The way Tyler used his first four-plex property to escape the rat-race.
  • Influence and success stories that came out of Tyler’s Podcast since it launched.
  • Tyler’s advice and tips to maximize profitability as a landlord.
  • Understanding why you should always hire-out property management.
  • Why you should always surround yourself with experts, and not go it alone.



[spp-tweet tweet=”“Real estate investing, or any type of wealth-building activity, is not for the lazy.” — @tyler_sheff“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“Anything that you do that accumulates piles of money is usually either illegal or heavily taxed.” — @tyler_sheff“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“What makes me different is that I figured out a way to get the answers to the questions I had.” — @tyler_sheff“]

[spp-tweet tweet=” “You’re not free if you’re a slave to your properties.” — @tyler_sheff“]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“People are more willing to decide on the end of something before they even try it.” — @tyler_sheff“]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Tyler Sheff —

Cash Flow Guys —

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Audible Trial –

Equity Happens: Building Lifelong Wealth with Real Estate

Evernote —

Stacy Cross, Comfort Killers —

FinCon —

Larry Harbolt —


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BTM 21: Why Cashflow Will Always Be King with Lane Kawaoka

On today’s episode, we have the pleasure of speaking to Lane Kawaoka. Lane is an engineer, an investor in 626 single family and multi-family units and a radio show host at Lane was born and is currently based out of Hawaii. He is what we could call, an “accidental landlord.” After buying his first single-family home he realized that it was a cash sucking machine and he wanted to do something about it.


Lane shares this story and how it propelled his interest and career in real estate. He also shares his insights on the market in Hawaii and why he decided to move back to his homeland from Seattle. We also delve into the 1031 exchange, who should get into a 1031 exchange and some of the pitfalls that some of us might not realize about a 1031 exchange. But the true emphasis for today’s episode is cashflow. Cash flow is king, and according to Lane, when you’re starting out your number one goal should be cashflow. Lane motivates us to get started creating cash flow for ourselves to design the lifestyle and business we want to lead.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • What encouraged Lane to start investing in real estate.
  • The lesson Lane learnt from buying his first property.
  • How Lane helps clients get into their first investment.
  • Where to go if you want to invest but have no money.
  • The importance of cashflow and what it allows.
  • Why Lane shifted from single-family homes.
  • Why Lane decided to move back to Hawaii from Seattle.
  • Some of the pitfalls of a 1031 exchange.
  • Success habits Lane incorporates into his every day.
  • Balancing business with lifestyle. 



[spp-tweet tweet=”“It comes down to cashflow. Cashflow gives you the freedom to do what you want.” — Lane Kawaoka”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“That’s the problem with Wall Street. It’s rough and it’s a rollercoaster.” — Lane Kawaoka”] 

[spp-tweet tweet=”“You always take what anybody tells you with a grain of salt.” — Lane Kawaoka “]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“You need to figure out what makes you happy, what your goals are and create your business and lifestyle around that.” — Lane Kawaoka”]

[spp-tweet tweet=”“70% of your progression is doing it, being in the field. 20% is from your peers. 10% is books.” — Lane Kawaoka”]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: 

Simple Passive Cashflow –

House Hack Secrets –


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