BTM107: Creative Strategies for Buying Back The Block with Kyara Gray

As she takes on multimillion dollar projects, Kyara Gray has a special focus on “buying back the block” and investing in forgotten neighborhoods but in a unique way. Kyara has a strong focus on creative financing and using other peoples money when getting deals done.

On today’s show we discuss how Kyara found her first non-profit lender. She is a strong advocate for creating relationships through meet-ups and other in person networking events. Her knack for connecting the dots and and building relationships to procure funds for her deals have proven to make a great episode.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to find a non-profit lender
  • Kyara’s creative financing techniques
  • How Kyara and her husband run their 2 person business
  • How gentrification can help underserved communities
  • The plan to rebuild Baltimore
  • Why it’s important to have an abundance mindset


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Kyara’s Website

Before the Millions Book:

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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BTM 37: Long Distance Real Estate Investing 101 with Billy Keels

Today International Investor, Billy Keels, is on the show and is going to teach us all things lifestyle design through Real Estate. We dive into Billy’s life and discover some of the tactics he uses to grow his portfolio such as Seller Financing. We are going to learn exactly what Seller Financing is and how we can take advantage of such a strategy. We’ll also look at the importance of building a strong team around your real estate business especially if you are one that is looking to be location independent. Lastly, we’ll discuss how crucial it is to be a problem solver rather than a real estate investor.


In the last 17 years Billy Keels, KeePon Cashflow’s founder, has had the opportunity to work in 86 countries, learn and fluently speak 5 languages and has lived in 3 European Countries. Today Billy is a long distance real estate entrepreneur, author, coach, public speaker and mentor. Hi’s teams select and operate multifamily properties in the USA, while Billy lives in Barcelona, Spain. Today’s show is jam packed and filled with actionable goodies!


Links mentioned in the show:

The Creature From Jekyll Island

Speak with Billy

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (Physical Copy)

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One on One Coaching with Daray


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