BTM 74: Whether You Think You Can Or Can’t, You’re Right with Zachary Beach

Zachary Beach has been around the real estate business for over 7 years. He has been a part of or has been mentored in a number of facets in the real estate world. At age 25, he decided to jump into the family real estate business. Zachary has completed an owner financing deal on a property that is worth over a million dollars and purchased it for $940,000 with principal only payments of $2500 per month. Zachary went from bartender to million dollar business owner in just under 3 years.


On today’s episode, we talk to Zachary about how to get started in lease options and owner financing deals. You’ll learn how to accelerate your real estate investing by doing this 1 thing (it has nothing to do with real estate). We also talk about misconceptions about owner financing deals and how you can create systems to help scale your business to automate it and create a lifestyle of your dreams.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Failing your way forward and taking action is the best way to get started in real estate
  • Breakdown of Zachary’s first real estate transaction & how he was able to make a profit $60K
  • The #1 action step you can do today if you want more money to scale your real estate investing
  • What you need to look for when doing deals with real estate owners and buyers


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode

Zachary’s Website:

Zachary’s Favorite Books:

10X Rule by Grant Cardone 

Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss

Getting To Us: How Great Coaches Make Great Teams

No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Download any 2 audio books for free when you try audible for 30 days: 

Zachary’s Favorite Lifestyle Design App: Investor Fuse: Automatically nurture your leads. Follow up faster and more often. Less clicking, less thinking, more time to flip houses.


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