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The Weekly Podcast

Millionaires Sharing Their Best Strategies


The Weekly Podcast

Millionaires Sharing Their Best Strategies


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BTM178: Become the Bank – Investing in Seller Financed Notes with Eddie Speed

By Daray Olaleye | Jan 19, 2021

Today’s guest Eddie Speed, has over 40 years experience buying distressed notes. Eddie is known as the person the guru’s, guru’s go to for note investing and passive income. To date, Eddie and his team have bought over 50,000 seller financed notes to the tune of 3.5 billion dollars.On today’s show we talk about why…

BTM177: A Billion Dollar Ecosystem with Kent Clothier

By Daray Olaleye | Jan 13, 2021

Today’s guest, Kent Clothier, has built a real estate ecosystem like no other. After growing a 1.8 billion dollar company in the grocery niche, he gets kicked out and looks to wholesaling as his primary source of income. In his first year as a wholesaler, he grossed over 1 million dollars and has since went…

BTM176: 16,000 Land Deals Using No Debt with Steven Butala and Jill Dewit

By Daray Olaleye | Jan 6, 2021

Imagine building a 24 million dollar business without any leverage or debt. Sounds insane right? Well not to our guest on today’s episode. To date, Steven Butala and Jill Dewit have done over 16,000 land deals since 1999 and don’t plan on letting up soon. On today’s episode, it’s only right that we do a…

BTM175: The Making of 62 Passive Income Streams thru Music and Real Estate with Bryan Miller

By Daray Olaleye | Nov 17, 2020

Today’s guest, Bryan Miller, is an artist by day and investor by night. The award winning musician has built an investment portfolio with 60+ streams of income and enjoy a portion of the cash flow from 25,173 rental units which include single family rentals, self-storage units, mobile home pads, retail strip malls, trust deeds and…

BTM174: Budgeting, Saving and Investing for Financial Freedom with Todd Miller

By Daray Olaleye | Nov 6, 2020

This week on the podcast, I interviewed a real estate investor/financial coach Todd Miller, who has spent the past 11 years building up his passive income portfolio to quit his job. His strategy was straightforward and not at all different from the plans many of us make to leave our soul sucking day job. You…

BTM173: Q&A with Daray – on New Investments, Worthy Bonds, Uncapped Wealth & Is Rent Cancelled?

By Daray Olaleye | Sep 30, 2020

What’s equivalent to a savings account but pays you 5X the interest? The answer? …on today’s episode. Daray will uncover his new favorite investment vehicle and why you should have looked into this months ago! Daray also tackles a slew of listener questions ranging from the current state of the market to the types of…

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