The Weekly Podcast

Millionaires Sharing Their Best Strategies


The Weekly Podcast

Millionaires Sharing Their Best Strategies


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BTM202: Navigating the Emotions of Money with Bob Wheeler

By Daray Olaleye | Dec 14, 2021

Today is an amazing opportunity to review your money beliefs and preconceived notions. On this show Daray and today’s guest, Bob Wheeler, help conquer your money shame as an entrepreneur.Bob Wheeler’s crusade for personal growth has cross-pollinated with his accounting practice to create a new approach to personal finances. His passion is to help others…

BTM201: For Profit Housing For Immigrants, Section 8 and Asylum Seekers with Dave Holman

By Daray Olaleye | Dec 3, 2021

When it comes to the world of real estate investing, there doesn’t have to be a difference between doing well and doing good. Enter Dave Holman, today’s guest, a man on a mission to use real estate to solve problems and improve communities. More specifically, Daray and Dave discuss the use of real estate to…

BTM200: Starting Your Own Investment Club With Friends

By Daray Olaleye | Nov 23, 2021

In this episode Antonio and Daray take a look into the inter-workings of an investment club started by friends for friends. If you and your friends have considered putting your resources together to invest in something profitable for passive income but haven’t yet figured out how to structure everything then this episode is for you.…

BTM199: Turo, Taxes and Tenants for Passive Income with Jeff Badu

By Daray Olaleye | Nov 16, 2021

On today’s show, Jeff Badu, real estate investor and entrepreneur joins us to discuss all things business and passive income. After quitting an unfulfilling corporate job as a Big 4 accountant, Jeff started renting his personal car for $1,000 to aide in the growth of his upstart tax business. Through this process Jeff quickly realized…

BTM198: Reformed Criminal Mastermind Turned Billion Dollar Hotel Magnate with Nate Barger

By Daray Olaleye | Nov 9, 2021

Enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Nate Barger, today’s guest and former criminal mastermind. His story is compelling, yet inspirational as we navigate through cocaine drops to million dollar real estate deals. From apartments and industrial buildings to hotels, Nate has a knack for putting together deals with very little down and outsized returns. Key…

BTM197: $100,000 in Business Credit For Real Estate Investors with Mike Banks

By Daray Olaleye | Sep 8, 2021

Whether you’re a new investor or seasoned investor, business credit has the power to bolster your results by providing you with the much needed capital to grow your business. Some people turn to hard money and pay exorbitant fees to borrow money for their real estate deals. But what if you could borrow money from…

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