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The Weekly Podcast

Millionaires Sharing Their Best Strategies


The Weekly Podcast

Millionaires Sharing Their Best Strategies


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BTM 41: Is Your Primary Home An Asset or Liability with Apartment Investor Joseph Gozlan

By Daray Olaleye | Mar 13, 2018

Is your home an asset or liability? Find out on today’s show.We had the pleasure of interviewing multifamily investment specialist, Joseph Gozlan. In our conversation, we learn more about multifamily properties, the pitfalls of single family investing, and how individuals can participate in multifamily investments with their retirement dollars.Joseph, the founder of EBG Acquisitions. Leading group…

BTM 40: Free By 26 – Escaping the Rat Race with Diego Corzo

By Daray Olaleye | Mar 6, 2018

On today’s show, we step into the world of real estate investor Diego Corzo. Diego is an Austin, Tx native and the founder of Free and to help millennials discover that they don’t have to settle for societal norms. As a real estate investor, he purchased his first investment property at the age of…

BTM 39: The Ultimate Guide To Land Investing with Mark Podolsky

By Daray Olaleye | Feb 27, 2018

Today’s guest, Mark Podolsky, has been buying and selling raw land full time since 2001. After starting with only $3,000, gust-wrenching fear, and absolutely no real estate experience, he bought a few parcels of land and the hit the ground running. Today Mark is the owner of Frontier Properties, a very reputable and successful land investing…

BTM 38: After the Inspection Comes the Offer with Nathan Tabor

By Daray Olaleye | Feb 20, 2018

On today’s show we welcome Nathan Tabor, who has built a life helping others and improving lives. Throughout his own life and experiences, Nathan has acquired an incredible ability to solve problems, develop game plans, and create real and lasting results in both his personal and professional life. He has successfully founded and operated more…

BTM 37: Long Distance Real Estate Investing 101 with Billy Keels

By Daray Olaleye | Feb 13, 2018

Today International Investor, Billy Keels, is on the show and is going to teach us all things lifestyle design through Real Estate. We dive into Billy’s life and discover some of the tactics he uses to grow his portfolio such as Seller Financing. We are going to learn exactly what Seller Financing is and how…

BTM 36: Buy Your 1st (Next) Real Estate Investment: The 12 Step Process

By Daray Olaleye | Feb 6, 2018

Buy Your 1st (Next) Real Estate Investment: The 12 Step Process. In this episode we walk through the exact steps that I teach my coaching students to ensure that they close on their first property this year. I know you are thinking that this is too good to be true – but believe it! I want…

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