Get Rich Slow?

“It’s about the JOURNEY, not the destination.”


Well, kinda.


I mean, if people mean that you should be alive and present in every moment, then of course…they’re right.


But if they’re talking about taking a long time to hit your business goals, they are dead wrong.


I don’t know about you, but I want the journey to my income and lifestyle goes to be as short and simple as humanly possible.


I don’t think there’s any point in wasting 5-7 years doing something that I don’t love or worse, has nothing to do with my goals..


Especially when you can set yourself up to achieve your business and lifestyle goals brilliantly in just a few months..


In this microwave generation, that’s really the key, isn’t it?


Glad you agree…


I recently had a conversation with my good friend Chris Prefontaine about my BEFORE THE MILLIONS story.


How I went from a 15 year goal to a 2 year boot camp in the school of hard knocks…


Well it paid off because now I travel to multiple countries a year (sometimes a month) and have more time freedom than I care to admit..


Listen as I’m interviewed, I’ll share how you too can arrive at your lifestyle faster than you ever thought possible..


P.S if you think that I’m the only one. You’ll hear about some of my clients that are doing the same exact thing.

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About the author, Daray

Daray is also the host of the New and Noteworthy entrepreneurial podcast Before the Millions interviewing high profile entrepreneurs and millionaires about the way their lifestyle is design as a byproduct of Real Estate Investing.