Achieve More In 1 Year Than You Would In A Lifetime

Before The Millions Mastermind


Achieve More In 1 year Than You Would In A Lifetime

Before the Millions Mastermind


This Is Going To Be Your Power Circle

My Mastermind is designed for those looking for freedom in business and in life. It's for those who are looking to grow their online real estate related business, accelerate their journey to full-time self employment and serve the masses in the process. So whether you are a real estate investor that has a podcast that you’re not able to monetize, a course that could benefit from joint venture partnerships, a real estate app that needs more exposure or a deal that needs funding, it is absolutely essential that you join a high level mastermind.

Your Trusted Board Of Advisors

This is not a weekly meeting with some friends, this is going to be your power circle, your trusted board of advisors, your joint venture partners and your biggest support system sometimes known as cheerleaders! The promise of the Mastermind is simple: I don't want anyone to experience what I experienced during the first two years of building my business and brand. The BTM Mastermind will not only provide the full benefits of a healthy mastermind group environment, but also, I look to play an additional mentoring role in the lives of those in the group.

Ready To Get Massive Results In Your Business Fast?

Benefits Of A Thriving Mastermind Group

Develop the skills to scale your business for massive profits and marketplace impact.

Sharpen your leadership and communication strategies amongst team members, free lancers and peers

Hands on coaching from peers and mentor highlighting your blind spots, strengths and weaknesses.

Utilize the education, experience, influence and resources of real estate investors, educators and entrepreneurs.

Accomplish more this year with the mastermind than you could without the mastermind, in a lifetime, if you relied entirely on your own efforts for success.

More clarity surrounding the exact right next thing to focus on in your business.

Experience less false starts and spend less time learning through trial and error; cutting unnecessary costs and time simultaneously

...and much more intantibles!

What It's Like To Mastermind With Daray

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Working with Daray has been a fantastic experience. When I first sought him out, it was primarily because he has the qualities that I was looking for. When I began working with him, I realized that there was much more - he is intelligent, inspiring, forward thinking and competent. Every week we connect and talk about our wins, loses and AHA moments. He has always given me a actionable items to apply to my loses. He has encouraged me to expand on my wins and translate my AHAs into a future wins. He is extremely knowledgeable in Real Estate and his expertise extends way beyond that. He is the type of mentor that I recommend for entrepreneurs to have on their team; especially those looking to grow their real estate business as a whole and themselves.

Zachary Beach 28, Multiple 6-Figure Real Estate Coach and Investor

Is My Mastermind Right For You?

You must have an existing real estate platform with a proven concept or someone is already paying you for your product or service

If you are still a wage earning professional or employee, you must have a goal of transitioning out of that day job and becoming 100%, full-time, self employed.

You must be able to financially afford the $500 per month membership fee.

You must be willing to make your weekly mastermind group call one of your highest business priorities on your weekly schedule.

You must understand that the mastermind group principle is not only about serving you, but you must be willing to contribute to the success of every other individual in the group.

I'm specifically targeting those who are in the early to middle stages of creating a business around their real estate expertise. If you are not yet generating a minimum of $10,000 per month, consistently, with your expertise, then the Before The Millions Mastermind Group will certainly help you take your business efforts through the roof!

Before The Millions Mastermind

I'm only hosting two groups with up to 10 members
in each group. Space is limited!


Leveling Up your Game

8-Week Workshop

Many of our mentoring clients go on the become mastermind members. This is like when you’re heating water at 111 degrees and it’s scorching hot but with the benefit of a mastermind such as this group, that extra degree taking you to 112 degrees, is exactly what you need to change the chemical makeup of water such that it begins to boil! In our group, we’ve built close knit relationships and pour into each other like none else. For this reason, admission into the workshop is only available through application and an extensive interview process.