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BTM 83: Lifestyle Design: A New Money Mindset with Paul Thompson


He used to have a corporate day job. Now he’s a full time real estate investor who lives to help others find their way. Today’s guest, Paul Thompson has created his ultimate lifestyle design using real estate. These days he’s turning his personal journey of securing 20 deals in his first 18 months of investing…

BTM 80: My Backstory and Before The Millions Journey


On today’s episode, you’ll hear the amazing Before The Millions story of Daray Olaleye as he is interviewed by Chris Prefontaine. Daray talks about what sparked his initial interest in real estate and how his discontentment at his 9-5 job pushed him to find alternative options to achieve true financial freedom. You’ll learn the first…

BTM 69: Who You Need To Become For Entrepreneurial Success with J.Massey


A full-time real estate investor, entrepreneur, popular podcast host, author, speaker, coach and all-around problem solver, J. Massey is well known for providing best-in-class advice and strategies to help new and experienced investors the world over. J.’s platform is simple… He invests his time looking for investment opportunities (a.k.a., problems to solve through real estate…

BTM 62: The Lifestyle Design Aspect of Passive Income with Ali Boone


Ali Boone is a lifestyle entrepreneur, business consultant and real estate investor, and has literally defined non-conformity when it comes to her career. Ali left her corporate 9-to-5 job as an Aerospace Engineer, despite the “dream job” status that came with it, to follow her passion for being her own boss and creating true lifestyle…

BTM 58: Command An Abundance Of Wealth Using The Law Of Attraction with Reggie Brooks


Reggie Brooks has achieved what many people consider to be impossible. He went from making $36,000 per year at the local telephone company, to making over $40,000 per month in his real estate business. Starting out with very little money, Reggie began his investment career in 1986. After taking several real estate investment courses he…

BTM 56: Fired Accountant Hires Mentor To Financial Freedom with Tom Cafarella


Tom’s unique lead generation methods have allowed him to transform from an accountant who had never done a deal in his life to a full time investor who has acquired over 100 discounted properties in to fix and flip, wholesale and buy and hold without using his own money. Tom Cafarella is the co-founder of…

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