BTM198: Reformed Criminal Mastermind Turned Billion Dollar Hotel Magnate with Nate Barger

Enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Nate Barger, today’s guest and former criminal mastermind. His story is compelling, yet inspirational as we navigate through cocaine drops to million dollar real estate deals. From apartments and industrial buildings to hotels, Nate has a knack for putting together deals with very little down and outsized returns.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why Nate started dealing cocaine at 15 years old
  • Under investigation with the FBI and 4 felonies later Nate finds his way
  • How Nate bought his first property for $6,000
  • Early investing mistakes – going bankrupt
  • Nates first retirement at 40 years old with $35,000 in passive income
  • How Nate acquired 1,800 apartments, Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotels, IHG Hotels, Staybridge Hotels, Hampton Inns and more
  • The BRRR hotel investment strategy

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