BTM 03: How to achieve 1,000,000 Blog Page Views with Lauren Bowling

Our guest on today’s show is Lauren Bowling. Lauren is the award-winning blogger and editor behind and author of The Millennial Homeowner: A Guide to Successfully Navigating Your First Home Purchase. She has been blogging since 2012, and is now a recognized thought leader on millennial finances and first-time homeownership. Lauren achieved over a million page views in just a few short years on her blog after quitting her job at a hedge fund. She currently works full-time on her online businesses and in real estate.


In today’s episode, Lauren walks us through her journey from start to present, and how she went from aspiring actress to well known author. She has been featured in publications such as Forbes, US News and the Huffington Post. Financial Best Life is the personal finance destination for people who think “outside the box” when it comes to their money. Instead of simply telling you how to budget, spend, and save, instead the goal is to talk about your dreams and how money can be used as a tool to help you live out your “best life.”


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Lauren shares with us how she got started on her journey and what she is working on today.
  • Hear how Lauren’s shopping addiction and debt led her to starting her blog on finance.
  • Understand how Lauren used the 50/30/20 method to help her pay off her $10k college debt.
  • Find out what Lauren did as a side hustle in order for her to pay off all her debt.
  • Learn how Lauren managed to use her debt to help her be vulnerable, transparent, and to grow as a blogger in her financial journey.
  • Lauren tells us how she has been able to grow her blog from 1 viewer to over 1 million views.
  • Hear some of Lauren’s favorite apps to use as a full-time blogger in the industry.
  • Find out how Lauren went from employee to blogger, and how she made the transition.
  • Hear how the question, “How do I want to spend my time?” got Lauren to branch out.
  • Learn more about Lauren’s goals for the future.
  • Find out what Lauren has learned as a first-time homeowner and the real estate industry.
  • Hear some of the positives lessons Lauren took away from owning real estate.
  • Hear how the FinCon community has helped Lauren to grow in her financial journey.
  • Learn why you need to outsource in order to be more successful.
  • And much more!



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Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Lauren Bowling’s Website —

Lauren on Twitter —

Lauren’s LinkedIn Profile —

Lauren’s book, The Millennial Homeowner: A Guide to Successfully Navigating Your First Home Purchase

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

FinCon Community —


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