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BTM 87: I’m Quitting (Building My Lifestyle Business) with Daray Olaleye

This new year has brought about many realizations…


Some of you are long time listeners and clients of Before The Millions

This affects you more than you think


Let me start by saying this:

I’m Quitting….


I’m quitting everything that doesn’t serve me

I’m quitting everyone that doesn’t add value


It’s 2019 and the only way to get where you’ve never been is to do what you’ve never done.


If you’re still being held back by your lack of support, lack of finances or lack of direction

then it’s time that you too reevaluate the things in your life…


Me personally, I’m quitting my business…

That’s right, I said it..

I’m quitting my business


Maybe not in the way that you’re thinking of but regardless its a massive decision that I do not take lightly


This includes a complete reversal from the the current direction and cutting off unwanted fat


That’s just the beginning of my 2019 list..


I know you’re adding or implementing a whole lot to start the year

but I’ve found it therapeutic to do the exact opposite.

So I’ve been on a terror to DELETE, DELETE, DELETE..


There’s one thing I know for certain

You’re going to have to become a new person this year to get to your newly inspired goals..


On this episode of the BTM Podcast, I provide exactly what you need to make this happen

I also discuss in depth why I’m quitting my business and a few other things I’ve decided to DELETE


I know it’ll kick start your year the right way so that you can put your best foot forward


Happy New Year, it’s on onward and upward from here,


Daray Olaleye


Books Mentioned on Today’s Show:

Code of the Extraordinary Mind

The Go-Giver

12 Week Year

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BTM 80: My Backstory and Before The Millions Journey

On today’s episode, you’ll hear the amazing Before The Millions story of Daray Olaleye as he is interviewed by Chris Prefontaine. Daray talks about what sparked his initial interest in real estate and how his discontentment at his 9-5 job pushed him to find alternative options to achieve true financial freedom. You’ll learn the first steps you need to take to purchase your first real estate investment. Lastly, Daray talks about how he leveraged the power of coaching and mentorship to fast track his success in business and life.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The financial mindset of most employees vs. entrepreneurs (what can I build vs. how much can I save)
  • How to leverage real estate investing from your 9-5 job and create passive cash flow income
  • Why you don’t need you get a real estate license to become a real estate investor (what to do instead)
  • Lessons Daray learned from raising $500K for a $42 million-dollar deal in Dallas while being unemployed


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode

Recommended Books:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Living With A Seal

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