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Attention Working Professionals

Give Me 8 Weeks
And I'll give you a lifestyle business


Attention Working Professionals

Give Me 8 Weeks
And I'll Give You a Lifestyle business


What’s the Before The Millions
8 Week Workshop & How Can It Help Me?

The 8 Week Workshop is designed for those who are looking for freedom through real estate. If you feel like you’re done trying to do your first (few) deal(s) on your own, you haven’t had any luck in your market or you just don’t know where to start, but you’re still determined to create your lifestyle business using real estate then this 8 Week Workshop is absolutely essential.

The Workshop Isn’t An Event, Seminar Or Course…
It’s A 3 Month Experience!

The promise of the 8 Week Workshop is simple: To create and facilitate a lifestyle business with real estate.. To create a system that provides income that catapults you past your comfort zone and into a whole new world of possibility.


What Past Clients Have To Say...

I took a different approach and went after a new construction development for my first deal while in the workshop. I am pleased to say that we will be closing on and building a brand new triplex to house hack winter 2018.

Adewale L. Houston, Tx

I took the 8 Week Workshop and with Daray’s help I was able to finish the process with my first investment property closed… Worth every penny!

Kofi A. Dallas, Tx

I was reflecting on some of the most influential people I have met over my life, and I can name a handful of individuals who’ve been pivotal. You are on the list for sure and I just wanted to say thank you.

Jeremiah A. San Francisco, Ca


Over The Next 8 Weeks

Cultivate a bulletproof mindset that succeeds whether or not you have prior real estate experience

Implement a personalized gameplan to complete you first deal in the next few weeks and replace your income in the next two years even if that seems impossible now

Acquire the knowledge of sneaky but proven strategies that most investors have no idea exist

Build and A-Team and leverage the talents, money and expertise of experienced investors

No Only That, But Also

Create a system that actually guarantees that you get deals to come across your table every day

Unlimited access to Daray in a 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring capacity

Mastermind, network and partner with other investors and clients

Access to contracts, software off market deals and capital

How this Revolutionary Workshop is Changing The Way Investors Jump Into Real Estate...

The 8 Week Workshop is
Application Only and Spots are limited…

My clients are really special. I’d argue that they are some of the most extraordinary people in the world. In our community, we’ve built close knit relationships and pour into each other like none else. For this reason, admission into the workshop is only available through application and an extensive interview process.

Who is a right fit for
the 8 Week Workshop?

Professionals and Entrepreneurs who are looking to make a big leap forward using Real Estate Investing

Generating less than $5000 a month from Real Estate Investing

Grit and Tenacity are some of your biggest disciplines

Willing to be open, coachable and vulnerable