BTM114: The Money Operating System with Dr. Amanda Barrientez

Inspired by her own personal and professional growth, relationship, money and development journey, Dr. Barrientez believes that her soul’s purpose to help others thrive and feel fulfilled in their lives.

Since there are no required self-empowerment, relationship, entrepreneurship, leadership, business, or money skills courses offered in the traditional school setting, Amanda’s made it her mission to help others in need of these essential ingredients for a well rounded life.

On today’s show we take a deep dive into the programs downloaded in our subconscious without our consent. Not only are you going to discover the limiting money beliefs that have been preventing you from reaching your optimal potential but we’ll give you some new money programming to train your psyche to adopt.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Money habits that will change your life
  • Amanda’s history of relationship woes
  • The macro system of oppression
  • How to rewrite your money story
  • The difference between women and men and money


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Dr. Barrientez’s Website

Recommended Book:

Think and Grow Rich

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BTM113: How To Make 100K In A Single Day with Alon David

Alon David, founder and CEO of 90x, arrived in America without any business leads connections. He had no university network or promising internships. ALoN didn’t even have a solid business idea. But he did have ambition. He had drive. He had the dream to make something of his life.

Over the next few years Alon, accomplish some incredible business feats by implementing a simple strategy in his daily life.

If you’re looking for an episode that can help you not only effectively set goals, meditate better , but also achieve your dreams and change your life, then this one is for you.


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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Steps to go from dreams to goals to plans
  • Focusing on people vs dollars
  • Profound effects of meditation (and how to enhance)
  • Strategies for becoming present


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Alon’s Website

Before the Millions Book:

Think and Grow Rich

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Lifestyle Design Apps:




Brain Training: For Hypnosis


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BTM112: Real Estate Way to Wealth And Freedom

Daray is a successful Real Estate Entrepreneur and Business Coach. He mentors overwhelmed and unfulfilled employees in the professional world through the process of creating and building a lifestyle business through real estate investing so that they can escape the rat race and live a life of their design.

While simultaneously growing his passive income portfolio of real estate assets and business accolades, he’s channeled his burning desire to help others by urging a change in their beliefs about who they are and what type of lifestyle they’re able to achieve with the right mindset, focus, and leverage.

When Daray isn’t working, he can be found traveling, trying new cuisines, volunteering at Start of Hope and on his social media platform of choice Instagram.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Trading your time for dollars vs. trading your value for dollars
  • Burning out working a 9-5 for a Big 4 accounting firm
  • Pursuing your true passions and talents
  • House hacking a 4-plex as your first investment


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Recommended Book:

12 Week Year

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BTM109: (2 Year Anniversary Episode) Overcoming Call Reluctance with Daray Olaleye

On today’s episode I am interviewed by Zachary Beach to discuss Call Reluctancy


This is a huge topic that’s critically important for your real estate business!


If you’re not finding deals with sellers on the phone, you should be.


If you don’t know how to deal with the FEAR that surrounds it, it can paralyze you and your business.


I used to hate making those CALLS and would do anything to avoid them. But when I started using the phone my business jumped by 1000% almost instantly.


Without sales you’ve got no business. Using the phone is the fastest way for you to get new leads.


On this episode, you’re going to learn a simple shortcut that not only gets you to make every call, but guarantees a win each time you do.


What we’re going to cover:


· WHY you’re afraid to pick up the phone


· WHEN it’s red flag


· HOW to overcome it


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:


BTM 78: How To Scale Without Losing Your Mind with Tim Bratz

Tim Bratz is the CEO and founder of CLE Turnkey Real Estate, a real estate investment company that acquires and transforms distressed commercial and apartment buildings into high-performance investment assets. Tim began his real estate career in 2007 as a commercial broker in the competitive NYC real estate market, where he saw the true potential of real estate to transform lives. Working in real estate, Tim has learned how to build a passive business and create a residual income that allows him to live the lifestyle of his choice.


On today’s episode, we talk to Tim Bratz about how you can build a business around your ideal lifestyle. Tim breakdowns how he went from being a real estate broker to owning a 300+ real estate portfolio in Ohio, SC, GA, FL, and TX. You’ll learn why you should focus your energy on the faithful vs. fearful “what-ifs” when investing in real estate. Lastly, we discuss how you can build up your track record as an investor quickly and the 2 things you need when raising private capital for real estate investments.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The story of how Tim used a $15K credit card to buy his first house at 23 years old
  • Tim’s journey from flipping houses to owning a $90 Million real estate portfolio by the age of 33
  • How you can leverage real estate to develop passive & residual income that allows you to do what you want, when you want, wherever you want
  • Why you don’t need 100% ownership on big deals and how to leverage other people’s time & money to scale your investing efforts


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode

Tim’s Website:

About Tim Bratz:

Tim’s Favorite Book: 12 Pillars by Jim Rohn

Tim’s Favorite Lifestyle App: VRBO is the easiest way to plan, search, and book your next trip.

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